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Linda's final book published posthumously:

Meet Tobin, the hero of The Piper of Shadonia, and join him on Linda's most rousing adventure in a land filled with political intrigue and danger. Tobin has an amazing - and deadly - power, but he must learn how to use it. His deepest desire is to free his country, and to do it peacefully, without bloodshed. But is it possible?

The book is available for order through your local bookstore, or online: Chapters, McNally Robinson, and Amazon.

Piper of Shadonia is also available in ebook format at Chapters and Amazon.

Linda Smith passed away suddenly in her home on the August, 2007.

Sister, aunt, friend, mentor, writer, advocate of literacy & social issues -- Linda was all these things and more. She leaves us a legacy of hope, of striving to make her corner of the world a better place, and of optimism for the future. And of course, she leaves us her stories.

To read one of her (unpublished) poems and a short tribute, go to Blue Skies.

Linda smiling
Linda's sister, Barb Brydges, would be delighted to hear from anyone who has questions or comments about Linda's writing or her books.  Also, the family will donate copies of Linda's picture book, Sir Cassie to the Rescue,  to any library or school or daycare that could make use of it.  Contact Barb at this email.

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